Common Cake Questions

After 40 Years, We’ve Heard ‘Em All!

1.  Do I need to order ahead, or can I just come in and buy?
It’s always better to order ahead.  We try to have a variety of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and brownies available but sometimes they sell out.  Call a day or two ahead, and we can have your order ready.  We also have a freezer case to browse filled with cakes and tortes if you need something last minute.  We can even write “Happy Birthday” on it in a pinch!

2.  Can I order my cake over the phone?
Yes, you can order over the phone.  We can help with suggestions if you’re not sure what you want.  If you would like a photo on your cake, you can email it to us.  (Online orders are not recommended for purposes of personalization and accuracy.)

3. Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
Once the cake is iced, it’s sealed and will stay fresh for days!

4.  How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?
We tell brides six months prior to the wedding is good planning.  However, it is primarily based on availability.  (We have done wedding cakes with a week’s notice, but of course, it’s not our recommended process!) Another perk to ordering ahead of time is the price.  If you put a deposit down, it not only reserves your date but also locks in that price.  If for any reason the price per serving goes up, your wedding cake price will stay the same!  Good deal!

5.  What are the serving sizes?
We have many sizes to choose from, so you can always find a cake that will be appropriate for your serving needs.  We have a quarter sheet (15-20 servings), half sheet (30-40 servings), and full sheet (60-80 servings).  We also have double layered round cakes.  The sizes are 7″~ 6-8 servings, 8″~ 8-10 servings, 9″~ 10 – 12 servings, 10″~ 14-20 servings, and 12″~ 30-40 servings.

6.  Should I make an appointment or just drop by Bake My Day to talk wedding cakes?
No appointment necessary.  Just come on in whenever it’s convenient for you!  (Link to hours.) We have photo galleries full of ideas, or if you have any pictures of your own, bring those in too!  Free samples are always available, so come ready to taste!