Bake My Day, has been in its Green Bay location since 1999. But long before that, it was a dream in the making.

Owner Joan Mitchell had an interest in cake decorating at the early age of 15. With her mother’s help, she began testing out Wilton professional cake decorating supplies. Soon after, Joan was appointed personal baker of the family, creating unique and delicious cakes for the many special occasions that came with a family of seven.

Over the years, Joan continued to have a passion for cake decorating and made a career move in order to create cakes full-time for 26 years at Port City Bakery, formerly Baker Boy, providing birthday cakes for over 20 stores in the Green Bay area.

In 1999, Joan felt ready to separate herself from Port City Bakery and break out as a professional cake artist on her own, and Bake My Day was officially open for business to Green Bay and surrounding areas.

A Family That Bakes Together, Stays Together

As Bake My Day grew, so did Joan’s staff. In 2002, daughter Katie Graap joined the cake decorating team and brought a new dimension to the already solid Green Bay-based bakery. Katie took on the role of Public Relations Specialist and Customer Service Extraordinaire for Bake My Day. Katie connects with customers, discovering their wants and desires, while offering a unique, personal, and fun experience for each cake and cupcake collaboration.

A Bakery Worth Getting To Know

Bake My Day creates made-from-scratch cakes and cupcakes in eleven different flavors, with delectable frostings options in buttercream, whipped cream, or cream cheese. Along with decadent cakes and cupcakes, Bake My Day also boasts “The Best Brownies in Town,” made with a variety of sweeteners to make each scrumptious bite as rich and smooth as the next. And Bake My Day wouldn’t be complete without made-from-scratch cookies, warm ‘n fresh muffins, light and flaky turnovers, and hearty, plump cinnamon rolls. All bakery items are made fresh daily, and Bake My Day needs only 24 hour notice to create a charming cake or cupcake creation. (In a pinch, check out our fully-stocked freezer with ready-made cakes available for purchase.)